But if you think your PC is using more RAM than it should, then there is one small and very simple tool which might be able to help.

Empty Standby List is a free command line application — from the developer of Process Hacker — which provides various ways to free up RAM.

If you’re normally console-phobic, don’t worry, the program accepts only four commands. You can set it up to run from a shortcut or a batch file in a few seconds (just make sure it’s set to run as an administrator).

EmptyStandbyList.exe workingsets

EmptyStandbyList.exe modifiedpagelist

EmptyStandbyList.exe priority0standbylist

EmptyStandbyList.exe standbylist

More information: https://betanews.com/2016/03/11/how-to-free-up-ram-from-the-command-line/