This module is a PowerShell v3 only module at the moment. The module is a collection of functions that I have found usefull in my day to day work as a security professional. The functions are broken in to functionality:

  • Discovery: Perform network discovery.
  • Parse: Parsers for Nmap, DNSRecon and other type of output files from security tools.
  • PostExploitation: Functions to help in performing post exploitation tasks.
  • Registry: Collection of functions for manipulating the registry in remote hosts using WMI.
  • Nessus: Collection of assemblies and functions for automating the Nessus Vulnerability Scanner.
  • Utilities: General purpose functions.
  • Audit: Functions that may be usful when performing audit of systems.
  • Database: Functions that are useful when interacting with databases.
  • Shodan: Functions for doing discovery using Shodan using a valid API key.
  • VirusTotal: Functions for Interacting with Virus Total using a valid API key.
  • Metasploit: Functions for automating Metasploit Framework and the comercial version using the XMLRPC API.


iex (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString(«»)

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