Subscribe to the Azure Video Indexer API

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  1. Sign in.To start developing with Video Indexer, you must first Sign In to the Video Indexer portal.

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    If signing in with an AAD account (for example, you must go through two preliminary steps:

    1. Contact us to register your AAD organization’s domain (
    2. Your AAD organization’s admin must first sign in to grant the portal permissions to your org. To do this, the organization’s admin must navigate to, sign in and give consent.
  2. Subscribe.Select the Products tab. Then, select Production and subscribe.

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    Once you subscribe, you will be able to see your subscription and your primary and secondary keys. The keys should be protected. The keys should only be used by your server code. They should not be available on the client side (.js, .html, etc.).

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  3. Start developing.You are ready to start integrating with the API. Find the detailed description of each Video Indexer REST API here.