Day: August 4, 2017


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Info Windows shortcut (LNK) files hold a wealth of useful information for forensic investigators. There are a number of LNK file parsers out there, and most are ok, some are incorrect and some just don’t get enough information extracted e.g. UUID parsing. Microsoft have now released the binary file format (see below) which makes it a lot easier to get things right. Another key source of information I have used is Harry Parsonage’s The Meaning of Life presentation/research. The research explains some of the more obscure information stored in LNK files, such as being able to detect whether a file […]

Ejercicios de PowerShell: crear una base de datos llamada gps y almacenar posiciones GPS

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Crear la base de datos gps en MySQL desde PowerShell

Crear la tabla result con las columnas: ID, address, lat, lng y date

Insertar datos en la tabla gps obtenidos de una consulta a Google Maps Consulta a Google Maps

Insertar datos en la tabla gps

Realizar una consulta a la base de datos gps y mostrar los datos que tiene la tabla result