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Iniciar una sesión SSH

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Windows PowerShell aliases


File System Security PowerShell Module 3.2.3

Source are available on CodePlex Download Introduction Managing permissions with PowerShell is only a bit easier than in VBS or the command line as there are no cmdlets for most day-to-day tasks like getting a permission report or adding permission to an item. PowerShell only offers Get-Acl and Set-Acl but everything in between getting and setting the ACL is missing. This module closes the gap. Documentation For documentation plese refer to: NTFSSecurity Tutorial 1 – Getting, adding and removing permissions NTFSSecurity Tutorial 2 – Managing NTFS Inheritance and Using Privileges Comments, feature requests and bug reports are very […]

Windows PowerShell aliases


Windows PowerShell OneGet

OneGet is a new way to discover and install software packages from around the web. With OneGet, you can: Manage a list of software repositories in which packages can be searched, acquired, and installed Search and filter your repositories to find the packages you need Seamlessly install and uninstall packages from one or more repositories with a single PowerShell command This first version of OneGet installs and searches software from Chocolatey repositories. Support of additional repositories will come in subsequent versions. Here are some sample commands to get you started: Import module:

Enumerate the list of OneGet commands available: […]

New features in Windows PowerShell 5.0

New features in Windows PowerShell Starting in Windows PowerShell 5.0, you can develop by using classes, by using formal syntax and semantics that are similar to other object-oriented programming languages. Class, Enum, and other keywords have been added to the Windows PowerShell language to support the new feature. For more information about working with classes, see about_Classes. In collaboration with Microsoft Research, a new cmdlet, ConvertFrom-String, has been added. ConvertFrom-String lets you extract and parse structured objects from the content of text strings. For more information, see ConvertFrom-String. A new module, Microsoft.PowerShell.Archive, includes cmdlets that let you compress files and […]

Getting Help

Windows PowerShell includes two basic types of help – command help and conceptual help – both of which can be accessed from the console using the Get-Help cmdlet. To retrieve a list of all available help topics simply type the following command:

  That will bring back a list similar to this: Once you have that list you can then get help on the specific topic by passing the topic name to Get-Help. For example, suppose you’d like more information about the Get-Member cmdlet. In that case, simply use that command:

  By default help appears in the console window […]

Last Longon Time and Display Name in Exchange Online


Create users, add into a group and share directory with permissions in Active Directory