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NUNCA HAY QUE HACER CASO A ESTE TIPO DE CORREOS SON UN TIMO. Esto ha llegado hoy a mi correo: Hi! I am a hacker who has access to your operating system. I also have full access to your account: At the time of hacking your account( had this password: You can say: this is my, but old password! Or: I can change my password at any time! Of course! You will be right, but the fact is that when you change the password, my malicious code every time saved a new one! I’ve been watching you for a few […]

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5. Gestión del software en PowerShell (nivel intermedio)

El software es la parte que no se puede tocar del ordenador (intangible), es un elemento lógico y se define como un conjunto de órdenes e instrucciones que al ejecutarse sirven para realizar alguna tarea (los programas sin ejecutar son simples archivos en disco). Con el software se saca partido al ordenador, sin software el ordenador sería un conjunto de placas, tarjetas y cables sin ninguna utilidad. Los sistemas operativos instalados programas pero también se pueden instalar otros. El software se puede dividir en tipos: Software de sistema. Conjunto de programas que administran los recursos del ordenador. Software de programación. […]

SpiderFoot 2.9.0

SpiderFoot 2.9.0 is now out, totaling almost 60 data collection/analysis modules for your reconnaissance, footprinting and OSINT needs. Here’s what’s new since 2.7.0 was announced here… *9* new modules: -Base64 string finder -Binary string searches (identifies file meta data) data collection (device info) data collection (threat intel) data collection (e-mail addresses) data collection (password dumps/breaches) -ThreatCrowd data collection (threat intel) -Squatted domain identification data searches Search by e-mail addresses in addition to IPs, subnets, domains and hosts Massive reduction in false positives of junk files and social media accounts German, French and Spanish dictionaries added […]

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SpiderFoot 2.7.0

SpiderFoot 2.7.0: An open source intelligence automation tool to automate the process of gathering intelligence about a given target: IP address, domain name, hostname or network subnet. SpiderFoot can be used offensively, i.e. as part of a black-box penetration test to gather information about the target or defensively to identify what information your organisation is freely providing for attackers to use against you. Six (6) new modules: search for malicious e-mail addresses search IBM X-Force Threat Exchange search Amazon S3 bucket search Phone number identification Public vulnerability search (PunkSpider and XSSposed) Authentication and HTTPS support Scan by use […]

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