SpiderFoot 2.9.0

SpiderFoot 2.9.0 is now out, totaling almost 60 data collection/analysis modules for your reconnaissance, footprinting and OSINT needs. Here’s what’s new since 2.7.0 was announced here… *9* new modules: -Base64 string finder -Binary string searches (identifies file meta data) -Censys.io data collection (device info) -Cymon.io data collection (threat intel) -Hunter.io data collection (e-mail addresses) -psbdmp.com data collection (password dumps/breaches) -ThreatCrowd data collection (threat intel) -Squatted domain identification -Wikileaks.org data searches Search by e-mail addresses in addition to IPs, subnets, domains and hosts Massive reduction in false positives of junk files and social media accounts German, French and Spanish dictionaries added […]

SpiderFoot 2.7.0

SpiderFoot 2.7.0: An open source intelligence automation tool to automate the process of gathering intelligence about a given target: IP address, domain name, hostname or network subnet. SpiderFoot can be used offensively, i.e. as part of a black-box penetration test to gather information about the target or defensively to identify what information your organisation is freely providing for attackers to use against you. Six (6) new modules: BotScout.com search for malicious e-mail addresses MalwarePatrol.net search IBM X-Force Threat Exchange search Amazon S3 bucket search Phone number identification Public vulnerability search (PunkSpider and XSSposed) Authentication and HTTPS support Scan by use […]