Información sobre el podómetro:

This component keeps count of steps using the accelerometer.


  • Distance: Returns the approximate distance traveled in meters.
  • ElapsedTime: Returns the time elapsed in milliseconds since the pedometer has started.
  • SimpleSteps: Returns the number of simple steps taken since the pedometer has started.
  • StopDetectionTimeout: Returns the duration of idleness (no steps detected) after which to go into a “stopped” state.
  • StrideLength: Returns the current estimate of stride length in meters, if calibrated, or returns the default (0.73 m) otherwise.
  • WalkSteps: Returns the number of walk steps taken since the pedometer has started.


  • SimpleStep(simpleSteps,distance): This event is run when a raw step is detected.
  • WalkStep(walkSteps,distance): This event is run when a walking step is detected. A walking step is a step that appears to be involved in forward motion.


  • Reset(): Resets the step counter, distance measure and time running.
  • Save(): Saves the pedometer state to the phone. Permits permits accumulation of steps and distance between invocations of an App that uses the pedometer. Different Apps will have their own saved state.
  • Start(): Starts the pedometer.
  • Stop(): Stops the pedometer.

Diagrama de bloques para ver las cómo funciona SimpleStep y WalkSteps (diseño y bloques):