Hemore Joystick Mini Pantalla Táctil con Clip Actualizado Juego Joypad para Teléfono Tablet Accesorios Kits Parte

Características: Hecho de material superior, es muy duradero. Control de dirección con contactos sensibles para un control más flexible y preciso. Diseño de pantalla táctil redonda adecuado para todos los juegos. Adecuado para cualquier pantalla táctil del teléfono móvil o tableta. Con diseño de clip sólido y estable que permite un control flexible. Descripción: Diseño con tapa para escribir cómodamente sin afectar a tu experiencia de juego. Con almohadilla antideslizante para mantener tus dispositivos lejos de arañazos. Diseño pequeño y compacto portátil para llevar. Especificaciones: Material: plástico. Tamaño: 40 x 30 x 15 mm. Color: rojo, azul, amarillo. El paquete […]

Hak5 Plunder Bug

El Plunder Bug de Hak5 es un enchufe LAN de tamaño de bolsillo que le permite “bug” conexiones Ethernet con comodidad USB-C. Acoplado con scripts de plataforma cruzada y una aplicación de raíz Android, este sniffer de red inteligente permite grabar pasiva o escanear activamente. Paquetes de capacidad en el GO con un Plunder Bug y la aplicación Android de la raíz que puedes grabar y compartir paquetes en formato estándar de tapa directamente desde un smartphone compatible.    

pspy – unprivileged linux process snooping

pspy is a command line tool designed to snoop on processes without need for root permissions. It allows you to see commands run by other users, cron jobs, etc. as they execute. Great for enumeration of Linux systems in CTFs. Also great to demonstrate your colleagues why passing secrets as arguments on the command line is a bad idea. The tool gathers it’s info from procfs scans. Inotify watchers placed on selected parts of the file system trigger these scans to catch short-lived processes. Getting started Get the tool onto the Linux machine you want to inspect. First get the […]

Subscribe to the Azure Video Indexer API

Sign in.To start developing with Video Indexer, you must first Sign In to the Video Indexer portal. If signing in with an AAD account (for example, alice@contoso.onmicrosoft.com) you must go through two preliminary steps: Contact us to register your AAD organization’s domain (contoso.onmicrosoft.com). Your AAD organization’s admin must first sign in to grant the portal permissions to your org. To do this, the organization’s admin must navigate to https://login.microsoftonline.com/common/adminconsent?client_id=e97b04d3-3e10-41fb-926f-b3c868fef6df&redirect_uri=https://videobreakdown.portal.azure-api.net/signin-aad, sign in and give consent. Subscribe.Select the Products tab. Then, select Production and subscribe. Once you subscribe, you will be able to see your subscription and your primary and secondary keys. The keys should be protected. […]


A PowerShell front-end for the Windows debugger engine. Ready to tab your way to glory? For a quicker intro, take a look at Getting Started. Binaries https://aka.ms/dbgshell-latest Motivation Have you ever tried automating anything in the debugger? (cdb/ntsd/kd/windbg) How did that go for you? The main impetus for DbgShell is that it’s just waaaay too hard to automate anything in the debugger. There are facilities today to assist in automating the debugger, of course. But in my opinion they are not meeting people’s needs. Using the built-in scripting language is arcane, limited, difficult to get right, and difficult to get help with. DScript […]

Crear un contenedor Docker con un servidor de streaming

Otra posible configuración se puede obtener en: https://github.com/codeworksio/docker-streaming-server

PowerShell en la filtración de WikiLeaks (Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed)

PowerShell Notes Create and Modify Your Powershell Profile First check whether or not your profile exists. Test-Path $profile If the query returned “False”, then your profile does not exist. Create your profile New-Item -path $profile -type file -force The output of the previous command will tell you where your profile was created.  The path given as the “Directory” output is the directory containing your profile.  It will be something like C:\Users\user1\Documents\WindowsPowerShell. Open Windows Explorer and go to that directory.  Your profile will be “Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1”. By default your profile will be empty.  You can edit your profile to customize your powershell […]


Memory has plenty of useful information for incident handlers such as open files, network connections and encryption keys. With pulling the plug forensics methodology you are losing all this information and you’re putting your skills into question if the case go to the court. While analyzing memory require a set of skills, acquiring memory isn’t that difficult with the new tools available. On a previous diary Mark Baggett wrote about using winpmem to acquire memory. This diary will be about using similar tools which is Dumpit. Dumpit is a free tool written by Matthieu Suiche from MoonSols. Dumpit support both […]

My name is Mrs Gabriela Nastac, a Bank officer here in Spain (SCAM)

BANCO COOPERATIVO ESPA?OL, S.A. Calle la Virgen de los Peligros, 4,28013 Madrid, Spain Te: +34 6319 397 27 Fax: +34 917 423 000 EMAIL: gabrielanastac7@gmail.com REF: EUR/UKW/AAS307-15 October 2, 2015 Hello, My name is Mrs Gabriela Nastac, a Bank officer here in Spain. One Mr. Frank, a citizen of your country and Crude Oil dealer who has the same surname as yours made a fixed deposit with my bank in 2008 for 108 calendar months, valued at US$35,500,000.00 (Thirty Five Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) the due date for this deposit contract was last 22nd of April 2014. […]