SpiderFoot 2.9.0

SpiderFoot 2.9.0 is now out, totaling almost 60 data collection/analysis modules for your reconnaissance, footprinting and OSINT needs. Here’s what’s new since 2.7.0 was announced here… *9* new modules: -Base64 string finder -Binary string searches (identifies file meta data) -Censys.io data collection (device info) -Cymon.io data collection (threat intel) -Hunter.io data collection (e-mail addresses) -psbdmp.com…
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WMI Classes (detailed)


Cmdlets relacionados con la gestión de cuentas locales en Windows 10

Win32 Classes (Windows)

Windows processes

Windows Post Exploitation Cmdlets Execution (PowerShell)

Presence This section focuses on information gathering about the victim host and the network that it’s attached to. System





Finding important files

Files to pull

Remote system access


Auto­Start directories

Persistance This section focuses on gaining a foothold to re­gain,…
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Adquisición de datos volátiles