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Crear, compilar y ejecutar una DLL con Microsoft Visual C# que crear un usuario desde PowerShell

Crear un proyecto en Visual C# Biblioteca de Clase (.NET Framework) Importar desde Microsoft Visual C# la referencia al ensamblado System.Management.Automation (C:\Windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL\System.Management.Automation\\System.Management.Automation.dll) Añadir el siguiente código en PowerShell a Visual Studio C# y compilar la solución

La dll compilada se encuentra en la carpeta bin Llamar a la dll creada desde PowerShell



Forkstat is a program that logs process fork(), exec() and exit() activity. It is useful for monitoring system behaviour and to track down rogue processes that are spawning off processes and potentially abusing the system. Note that forkstat uses the Linux netlink connector to gather process activity and this may miss events if the system is overly busy. Netlink connector also requires root privilege. forkstat command line options: -d strip off the directory path from the process name -D specify run duration in seconds. -e select which events to monitor. -h show brief help summary -l set stdout to line-buffered […]

Utilizar zonas de memoria compartida en Linux mediante WSL desde PowerShell

Programa que crea la zona de memoria compartida y almacena un valor

Zona de memoria creada Programa que lee un valor en la zona de memoria compartida

Ejecutar un script en PowerShell que está en un fichero MD en Github

Resultado Script en Github Código con DevTools de Google Chrome

Pedir el nombre de un proceso y mostrar información del proceso mediante PowerShell con Node-PowerShell, EJS (Embedded JavaScript), Body-parser y Express

Fichero principal index.js

Fichero index.ejs

Fichero style.css

Ejecución Resultado


Node-PowerShell taking advantage of two of the simplest, effective and easy tools that exist in the today technology world. On the one hand, NodeJS which made a revolution in the world of javascript, and on the other hand, PowerShell which recently came out with an initial open-source, cross-platform version, and by connecting them together, gives you the power to create any solution you were asked to, no matter if you are a programmer, an IT or a DevOps guy.

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